For the women who are (finally) ready to up-level in business, life and their energy.  Entrepreneurs, Mani-Gens, messy pivot queens (don't throw in the towel quite yet) and anyone who's ready to tap into Divine Intelligence.



Now is the time to move all those big dreams out of your head and into real life. 

You can totally uplevel in life faster without setting goals and making rigid plans, you just have to know what to do.

Here’s a secret no one will tell you...

Yep, you’ve been TALKING about them for a long time—but if we’re being honest, the action piece has been…‘eh hem…a lil’ slow on the uptake.

Let’s make you the person you’ve always dreamt of being:

But that stops today...

When you jump into AMBITIOUS, you’re deciding to start doing life differently.

Trade in over-thinking for receiving inspired action

Second-guessing yourself to F yes decision making

Implementing your wisdom instead of talking yourself out of whatever it is you’d rather be doing

You know you’re meant for more…

Why settle for what you’ve got now, when an extraordinary life sits just on the other side of your expansion.

Realize your dreams faster and with greater ease than you ever imagined. If you knew if could be this easy, you would have started a long time ago! 



Awaken your subconscious mind to attract divine intelligence and become the essence of what you are trying to create.



Tap into your deepest, innermost desires as though the possibilities were limitless.



your ambitious journey

Connect with the parts of you that you’ve been pushing aside. 

my clients get...


Transition from logic-based decisions and plans (ick) to learning how to dream and drop into your heart space to connect with the magic of your soul.

When your life moves feel good, it’s easier to stay the course. By bringing this out and stepping into your power you’ll start feeling so aligned with who you BE and WHERE you’re going, that nothing can stop you.

Hello, explosive growth and happiness...  That’s what I’m talking about!

- Nikki

I know Danielle personally as an old and dear friend… I know what she’s been through. Her straightforward, honest and real approach to life is blended with her deep intuition in a way that is guaranteed to impact and support any who go through her program.  I know, because she’s done it for me, time and again.

If you’re stuck in some way, this is a woman who will show you how to move forward. 

Danielle's unwavering support and guidance have given me the courage to make a lasting mark on the world with nothing more than my STORY. 

I'm deeply thankful that our paths crossed, allowing me to benefit from this extraordinary connection.

 I feel blessed everyday to have someone like Danielle in my life!

- bailey

Danielle is one of those friends that is never scared to tell you the hard things but it’s always right on time. And if you don’t have one of those in your life please find one because the wounded lens with which you see things is not always reality and could be exactly what’s in your way.

I am so grateful to her for the impact she’s had on my life and for the power of her words that truly help fuel my fire. 

She’s a truth teller. 

- eryn

Kind Words from Clients

2 portal activations to enhance your belief in yourself so you can surrender to the process

3 guided and progressive meditations to tap into the frequency of the universe

Weekly Group Soul Sessions so I can help move you past receiving blocks when they pop up (and…they will)

12 weeks of expert course material to help you manifest YOUR dreams

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up for AMBITIOUS:

2 bonus weeks for integration so you can soak in the massive up levels you’re about to experience


• Weekly course material in a group
• 90-minute weekly Q&A zooms
• 3 guided and progressive meditations
• 2 portal activations
• 2 weeks for integration


We all have two lives. The second begins when you realize you have ONE. Are you AMBITIOUS enough to go get it?


one payment


three payments


• Weekly course material in a group
• 90-minute weekly group Q&A zooms
• 3 guided and progressive meditations
• 2 portal activations
• 2 weeks for integration

     1:1 personal coaching with me for all 14-weeks! (via Voxer or Marco Polo)

      2 additional 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions

      #ItDidntCrushMe™ Yeti tumbler or ballcap 

Ambitious VIP

one payment


three payments


"As someone who knows fear, outrage, toxicity…Danielle helped me take the big girl steps I needed to leave a situation that was crushing my soul. Her coaching has helped me shift from forcing a situation, to creating inspired action, which feels so much lighter and easier!"


"Danielle got me to the point where I knew I needed to choose myself and do the hard, messy, yucky thing I was avoiding. I am so grateful to her for the impact she’s had on my life and for the power of her words that truly helped fuel my fire."


“I’ve known Danielle Lea for years and she’s actually living the life she portrays. It’s not some bullshit highlight reel for show.”


Write a book, open a business, start a farm, travel the world

The possibilities are


Create wealth and abundance that frees up your time to do the things you love, or give back to the community

Deepen your relationships, leave the toxic marriage, reinvent yourself as the woman you are today, and not the little girl who was hurt in the past

Elevate your health and energetic frequency so you can live a flourishing and healthy life