I believe we are created to live extraordinary lives! And to do that we must evolve and grow. And sometimes that means we need to straight up reinvent ourselves!


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"As someone who knows fear, outrage, toxicity…Danielle helped me take the big girl steps I needed to leave a situation that was crushing my soul. Her coaching has helped me shift from forcing a situation, to creating inspired action, which feels so much lighter and easier!"


"Danielle got me to the point where I knew I needed to choose myself and do the hard, messy, yucky thing I was avoiding. I am so grateful to her for the impact she’s had on my life and for the power of her words that truly helped fuel my fire."


“I’ve known Danielle Lea for years and she’s actually living the life she portrays. It’s not some bullshit highlight reel for show.”


But I was suddenly faced with the news of my ex-husband’s suicide. It was time for another gut-check.

Rebuilding my life was invigorating! I was doing life on MY terms. And it felt so good!

In my early 30’s I found myself living what felt like a total lie. On the outside, my life was really pretty—picture perfect marriage, killer career, and the freedom to pick up and travel on a whim.

So I did what makes zero logical sense… I followed my intuition and listened to the longing in my heart. I escaped an unsafe marriage with my son in tow, and took a big step backward in my career.

I began intentionally mapping out the life I desired to live and hired a mentor and coach to help me stay focused on getting there.

But something was off. Why was I so unfulfilled when I had achieved so very much?


what i did next

I realized my purpose was to help other women create the life they wanted, regardless of what they got.





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Life’s Work — Illumination (64) / Evolution — Truth (63) / Radiance — Communion (45) / Purpose — Invisibility (26)

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Because you have two lives. The second begins when you realize you have ONE.

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I discovered that my Supervibe of BELIEF could ILLUMINATE the path for others so they could begin living life by design, not by default.

And by incorporating my Emotional Frequency Elevation™, a technique that taps your subconscious into the collective energy of the universe, my clients get there faster than they could if they simply hired an online coach who teaches a “system”.  

By combining ancient healing powers of Solfeggio Frequencies, with customized eco-meditations and energetic expansion, you’ll break through societal & generational conditioning that’s kept you stuck in the “good enough” mentality. 

I help women become a vibrational match to the things they desire in liFe.

Are you feeling me?
We should probably work together…

Leave it…

Traveling, French wine & Champagne, cozy blankets, F-bombs, fancy dinners, luxury, manifestation and all things metaphysics.

Love it….

Fear, hustle and grind, goals, asking for help, getting dirty and anything that feels constricting (hence, goals…).

...of healing and expansion! We’ll work together to identify your unique gifts and talents (hello, Human Design and Gene Keys!), match your inspired action to your energy type, and align your soul with its higher purpose. We’re gonna make epic sh*t happen!

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It’s not just about being a successful high-achiever; you want to be fulfilled and truly happy! It’s time to get a little selfish and put your real desires first. #ItDidntCrushMe® is precisely the type of coaching that’s going to get you to the life you deserve to live. I know what it takes because I’ve taken myself and countless others there too.