It's Time To Get Real

If you’re digging into my site this much, we’re probably soul sisters already. So let me give you more of my story…

We all have two lives. The second one begins when you realize you have one.

Considering I am writing this from the beach on my second honeymoon, I’d say it’s true. Why would we opt for 2 honeymoons?? I mean, what hubby #2 and I endured to get here…trust me, we deserve it!  

p.s. I highly recommend upgrading your marriage—even if it means you need to get a new one. 

I’ve been told I can manifest the sh*t out of anything!

I figured that out the hard way. I wasn’t really living. I had to completely scrap everything and reinvent myself in my thirties.  

Which was terrifying, by the way.  

From the outside it certainly looked like I had it all. 

I was married to a handsome man, we both had very successful sales careers (wasn’t there a name for that back then? ‘DINKS’ it was. It means dual-income-no-kids), we lived in a modest house, took lots of vacations, had all the Louis’ and the jewelry …I mean, our life was soooo pretty!   

But it meant nothing… 

I had zero friends. 

He was driving a wedge between me and my family (which is terrible because I’m an only child), and once I was pregnant, I realized he was an alcoholic. So, I spent my pregnancy alone while he was at the bar.

Some might say divorce is the worst thing you can ever go through, and process-wise, it absolutely is! But for me, it was the only way I could create space for myself to grow into the woman I knew I DESERVED to become. I would do it all over again, in a heartbeat, because sometimes you have to strip your world down to a shred of nothingness to discover the beauty God placed inside of you.  


The traumas kept coming.

My ex completed suicide in 2018 and I was left to clean up the mess. Within 6 months my son and I sold my dream home and moved 8 hours away to blend families with the man of my dreams (hubby 2.0). You think all your dreams are about to come true when creating this new loving union, but blending, with kids, is a twisty mindf*ckery of its own. Finally, I was blindsided by the ultimate betrayal of trust and woke up one day in the aftermath of total career obliteration. 


Like you, I craved freedom. 

I was exhausted from years of over-achieving and doing everything myself. I finally surrendered to my soul’s purpose, embraced my Human Design, and unleashed my magic, which is helping other women create the life they want, regardless of what they got.

And… here we are. Funny how the universe works.

Are you ready to work together?


One year VIP immersive spiritual coaching & manifestation program with Luxury VIP retreat upon completion. For the woman who is bold enough to say f*ck yes to unapologetically choosing herself.  “You’ve already burned for this life, now it’s time to become unstoppable.”  

Key concepts: Manifestation, Meditation, Solfeggio Frequencies, Spiritual Soul-Awakening, Hypnosis, and Regression Healing.


4-month 1:1 coaching experience with Emotional Frequency Elevation™ for the woman who’s ready to quantum leap her magnetism to attract and receive at lightning speed.  

Key concepts: Meditation, Manifestation, Heart-Healing, Subconscious Rewiring, Imposter Syndrome 


A 3-month group coaching program where you are guided step-by-step to create the life you REALLY want. The must-do course for all small business owners, network marketers, entrepreneurs, and first-time coaching clients.

Key concepts: Manifestation, Imposter Syndrome, Belief



"As someone who knows fear, outrage, toxicity…Danielle helped me take the big girl steps I needed to leave a situation that was crushing my soul. Her coaching has helped me shift from forcing a situation, to creating inspired action, which feels so much lighter and easier!"


"Danielle got me to the point where I knew I needed to choose myself and do the hard, messy, yucky thing I was avoiding. I am so grateful to her for the impact she’s had on my life and for the power of her words that truly helped fuel my fire."


“I’ve known Danielle Lea for years and she’s actually living the life she portrays. It’s not some bullshit highlight reel for show.”


...of healing and expansion! We’ll work together to identify your unique gifts and talents (hello, Human Design and Gene Keys!), match your inspired action to your energy type, and align your soul with its higher purpose. We’re gonna make epic sh*t happen!

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It’s not just about being a successful high-achiever; you want to be fulfilled and truly happy! It’s time to get a little selfish and put your real desires first. #ItDidntCrushMe® is precisely the type of coaching that’s going to get you to the life you deserve to live. I know what it takes because I’ve taken myself and countless others there too.

Danielle Lea’s signature keynote #ItDidntCrushMe® takes women on a journey through trauma, strength, resilience, confidence, and grace, showing them that the key to deep healing and transformation is faith, and belief in a higher power. Her imaginative storytelling, confident tone, and expertise in all things Metaphysics, make her a powerful presenter! With glamour, tenacity, and sincerity at her side, Danielle Lea helps her female audience achieve amplified success.

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