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the second begins when you realize you have

Life coaching for women

You have two lives. The 2nd begins when you realize you have one

Life coaching for women

Coaching For Women Searching For a Purpose

Life coaching for women by Danielle Lea

Create a stronger wife, mother, you.

No more auto-pilot, we will create the life you deserve

Lean into your spouse (no more pulling away while you grow)

Release toxicity from friendships, family members and habits (this is my JAM!)

Spark a deeper connection in your marriage (don’t we ALL desire that?!)

Elevating yourself (and vibration) will do the same for your family

Learn to take inspired action that doesn’t leave you exhausted at the end of each day

I've Lived it, I've Dreamt it, and It Didn't Crush Me.

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Life coaching for women really works! Now, I'm bringing my life coaching for women platform to you.

I remember driving along the highway, revisiting a previous life coaching program I had gone through when it hit me.  I burst into tears and sobbed because I had no idea what my life’s purpose was.  I had recently been laid off, for the second time in 3 years and found myself with no “work” title to define myself by.  IF THAT WASN’T THE BIGGEST WAKE-UP CALL, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS.  I spent my entire adult life defining my WORTH, by my career title!    (Today, that sounds crazy to me.)

Luckily, I had already spent years working on my own foundational principles though life coaching programs, so I was able to embrace God’s nudge.  It was the Universe telling me I was made for MORE and now was the time to get real and dig in. So, I became a Certified Life Coach and created the unique program, Frequency963, to help other women find clarity of their life’s purpose before they reach their breaking point.  Discover and embrace YOUR TRUTH, and create a life you love, by design to share more with those you love. 

What is Life Coaching For Women, Frequency 963 Style?

Frequency 963 is a coaching program that specializes in high vibrational techniques and tactics to begin working on your inner monologue.  I will take you through exercises that focus on mindset, heartset, soulset.  We will get you operating outside of your subconscious (auto-pilot) and begin intentionally showing up in your marriage, intentionally creating personal time (self-care is not selfish) and being intentional in your faith-walk and strengthen your belief in yourself.  In my experience, these are the foundational areas to focus on when you are working toward creating positive changes in the dynamic of your coupledom.  If you aren’t working on your marriage you are working on your divorce. 

What Women Are Saying About Working with Danielle Lea

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Danielle’s words struck a chord and brought me to tears. She’s someone who knows pain and struggle and how to guide you through the transformation process.
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Working with Danielle was eye opening. I realized I stopped living my own life and have been living how everyone else thinks I should be living. I have a solid plan and clarity for where I want to go now. (Dawn)
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I realized there so are many areas of my life I have neglected. I used to be afraid to advocate for what I need, but now my family sees I am a happier, more whole mom and wife! My conversations with my husband are deeper and we talk about the hard stuff, even when it isn’t fun. The quality of people in my friend circle has elevated because I removed toxic friendship now that I realize our season has ended. I highly recommend working with Danielle one on one.

Coaching Offerings

Life coaching for women plus business

Life coaching for women option 3

“I’m not quite sure I’m ready to make these changes for myself. In the past I’ve not followed through with my commitments to myself.”


“I’m stuck, but I don’t know if I’m fully ready to commit to my growth.”

1:1 Coaching with Danielle Lea

Life coaching for women option 1

“I know I need to rebuild myself, and I’m ready. It’s time to invest in ME!”

1:1 Coaching with Danielle Lea

Group coaching with Danielle Lea

“I would love to meet other women who feel like me. Community is something I’m seeking”

Coming October 6th

Workplace Wellness with Danielle Lea

“I want my team/staff/employees to feel valued.  Creating balance, growth & purpose will enhance retention and strengthen our team culture.”

Balance, Growth & Purpose to invest in your employees and enhance retention