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#ItDidntCrushMe® is life coaching for women who are ready to live the Hell out of life.

Elevate the vibrational frequency in your life


Take the next step toward living in your purpose to live life full and free.

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And if you were really as confident as you think you are, you’d already be doing things differently. And that can be frustrating.

You can continue to “should” all over the place, but until you relinquish some of the action-taking control, your level of happiness and joy won’t match your level of accomplishment.

And yes, you’ve tried ALL the systems, and the teachings… but the world of energetics is calling your soul. I got you, sister! 

Inside my #ItDidntCrushMe® Life Coaching containers, I open your subconscious to match your vibration to the life you desire. And it all comes down to living your purpose. 

So let’s do this!

You can feel something pulling you in a different direction, but the over-achiever in you isn't ready to pave a new path.

Have it all but still not satisfied?

As a manifestation coach, I help you get clear on your internal expectations, so your actions match the cadence of your energetic frequency field. Together we’ll get you unstuck from limiting beliefs, receiving blocks, and success blocks and open your heart to deserving all you desire. 

Burnout is a symptom of misaligned energy, and not what most people perceive as physical or emotional exhaustion.

Never again feel
out of
with your energy.



Knowing you will create anything you desire, and never holding back again.


Understanding the deeper meaning of your experiences and what you are here to do.


Synchronicity of mind body & soul; healing your inner child and self-trust wounds while balancing your gut-microbiome for mental wellness.


  • Transform your life in ways you never thought possible.
  • Expand and rewire your subconscious thoughts to get you unstuck from limiting beliefs and generational attachments.
  • Experience more joy, love, gratitude and compassion.
  • Gain confidence and clarity on what your inner longing is telling you.

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I know what it's like to have it all and at the same time feel completely unfulfilled. Instead of settling, I took a risk and followed my heart to leave a toxic marriage and start over again in my career, but it was worth it.

Today, I'm living the authentic life I always dreamed of and coaching other women to do the same.

my name is Danielle Lea

hi there!

I believe we are created to live extraordinary lives! 

- Nikki

I know Danielle personally as an old and dear friend… I know what she’s been through. Her straightforward, honest and real approach to life is blended with her deep intuition in a way that is guaranteed to impact and support any who go through her program.  I know, because she’s done it for me, time and again.

If you’re stuck in some way, this is a woman who will show you how to move forward. 

Danielle's unwavering support and guidance have given me the courage to make a lasting mark on the world with nothing more than my STORY. 

I'm deeply thankful that our paths crossed, allowing me to benefit from this extraordinary connection.

 I feel blessed everyday to have someone like Danielle in my life!

- bailey

Danielle is one of those friends that is never scared to tell you the hard things but it’s always right on time. And if you don’t have one of those in your life please find one because the wounded lens with which you see things is not always reality and could be exactly what’s in your way.

I am so grateful to her for the impact she’s had on my life and for the power of her words that truly help fuel my fire. 

She’s a truth teller. 

- eryn

Kind Words from Clients

...of healing and expansion! We’ll work together to identify your unique gifts and talents (hello, Human Design and Gene Keys!), match your inspired action to your energy type, and align your soul with its higher purpose. We’re gonna make epic sh*t happen!

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1:1, group coaching, single session intensive? Based on my observations during our breakthrough session, I’ll make a recommendation for you to become unstoppable.

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It’s not just about being a successful high-achiever; you want to be fulfilled and truly happy! It’s time to get a little selfish and put your real desires first. #ItDidntCrushMe® is precisely the type of coaching that’s going to get you to the life you deserve to live. I know what it takes because I’ve taken myself and countless others there too.

We often feel constriction when our energy is out of sync with a person or system. Instead, I coach your unique human design and Hologenetic profile, which helps you identify resistance or receptiveness to the life you want to create. There is no predetermined mold. Freedom is a value shared by many of my clients, and they trust me to help them uncover their natural gifts to level up in life.

I know what you're thinking...

I get it. You’ve been pretty successful in life following your own systems and guardrails. But somewhere along the line, your self-trust has wavered. This lack of trust may be due to a subconscious belief or conditioning that you are not good enough or not deserving of success. There’s a lot of conditioning around what you’re supposed to want or what you’re supposed to achieve, which then activates block-receiving obstructions you don’t even know are there. My programs help rewire the boundaries and beliefs in your subconscious so you can create and receive all you desire.

Most life coaching programs feel constrictive and impersonal - how is yours different?

While I've seen others have success with life coaching, it's never worked for me.

With my help, you can finally break through barriers that have been holding you back for years.

You're ready for a change, and I'm here to help.

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